Alejandro Trigos was born in Mexico City.

Since he was a child has been related with arts studying Painting, Writing and Music. After Studying Audiovisual Media and Marketing he worked as TV Advertising Analyst.

His first Short Film “De la Mano de Julieta” let him started his professional career as Assistant Director in commercials, music videos and feature films for 6 years.

For the last 10 years, Alejandro has been directing TV Commercials and Music Videos for remarkable companies in Mexico. 

In 2016, Alejandro moved to Los Ángeles, where he studied Film Directing in UCLA. 

At this time, he works on the writing of his first feature film.

Alejandro Trigos combines the strength of storytelling and the emotion of cinematic aesthetic. 

Honda, CAT, oscar Mayer, Pilot Pen, Kodak, Cinzano, Warner Music, Vidanta, Metrocarrier, Soriana, GOC, OE, Megacable, Ópticas Devlyn, El Águila Seguros, Caterpillar, Patrice Coiffure, PISA Farmacéutica, Radioshack, Chompys, Leche San Marcos, Syncol, Tucané, ABA Seguros, Único UAG, C&A.

CARLOTA - ROMA CINEMA DOC 2017 - Best 60 Second Short Film                     

EL POEMA Y LA CAJA - Siddhartha PANTALLA DE CRISTAL 2012 - Best Music Video Director Carlos Cruz & Alejandro Trigos


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London Fashion Film Festival
Miami Fashion Film Festival
IFFCA Los Angeles
Pantallas de Cristal MX
Les Journées Colores Film Festival
FestLatino Buenos Aires
San Francisco Latino Film Festival
Rosario Latino Video Festival